Submission Guidelines is seeking submissions for our website and newsletter. All contributors whose work is chosen will receive a byline, and will retain all rights to their material. Some ideas for submissions include:

  • Recipes: Send us your favorite meatless recipe.
  • Vegetarian News: The latest from the vegetarian front, GMO news, etc.
  • Product Reviews: Have a favorite vegetarian or cruelty-free product? Write it up in the table format as seen in the Nutrition section, and we'll put out the word!
  • Spirituality: Your thoughts on vegetarianism and spirituality.
  • Artwork: Cartoons, Photographs, drawings, digital art, original music, etc.
  • Writing: Fiction, poetry, essay, personal experience, and so on.
  • Other: Anything else you think would enrich our community.


  • Only original material. No plagiarism, please. We'll know.
  • Please stay on topic: vegetarianism, animals, environment, that sort of thing.
  • No pornography, hate, whining, or violence, even in an animal-rights context. There are plenty of sites where people can read about the living conditions of food animals. This isn't one of them.
  • Email submissions only. Accepted formats: plain text, HTML, Word .doc, .wav. Submissions will not be returned.
  • Include a name or pen name for your byline, and any of the following you wish to appear with your submission: a picture of yourself, your email address, your URL, a 1-2 sentence bio, etc.
  • If, at some future time, you wish a published work to be removed from our site, simply contact, and we'll take it right down, no questions asked. This includes guestbook entries.


  • Your submission will most likely be published. However, it may not, if Vegigirl finds it to be obscene, exploitative, or otherwise objectionable.
  • Contributors retain all rights to their work.
  • New submissions will be published as they arrive, which may be immediately, or up to a month after receipt, depending on volume of submissions received.